5 Unconventional Sports To Look Into

We all know that physical activity is important for children. It is highly encouraged that kids get involved in organized sports from a young age because the benefits are plenty. And while some kids enjoy this and take to them easily, not all do. Maybe your child likes being active but just isn't thrilled by regular sports like hockey or soccer. So then what do you do? Or, alternatively, maybe you personally aren't thrilled with conventional sports and are looking for a new activity to participate in.

The truth is, there are more sports and activities out there than you think. Sure, you/your child can play baseball and soccer, but there are some other really cool unconventional sports out there that are worth looking into. Ones that you never heard of or never thought could exist. Here are five of them that we think are really cool. Perhaps the uniqueness of these will grab and enthrall you.

1. Muggle Quidditch

Surely you know about this magical fictional sport from JK Rowling's famous Harry Potter books. But what you may not know is that this sport has been adapted to be played by us non-magical folks (aka muggles) too. While it is mostly popular with college and university students, the game can definitely be played by people of any age. It can even be played in your own backyard if you build the right equipment. See if there are any community leagues or consider starting one because this game is wildly fun and will definitely get you moving as you'll be running, catching, and dodging.

2. Cheerleading

Competitive cheerleading is more than just jumping up and down and waving pom-poms. It's a high-intensity skill-based activity where flexibility, precision, rhythm, and power is key. People involved in this are constantly training and bettering themselves so they can work together as a team and compete against other teams in a dazzling performance. Don't let preconceived notions from movies sway you, the sport of cheerleading requires skill, dedication, and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Bike Polo

The polo you know of involves riding a horse and using a mallet to hit a ball into nets. Bike polo is the same except instead of horses, players ride a bike. It sounds weird and impossible and difficult, but it's real and doable! If you/your kid loves bike riding, perhaps try this. Riding a bike obviously uses a lot of muscles and requires some level of athleticism, but the added aspect of hockey and the gameplay setting increases attention and drive. Again, see if there are any groups in your community.

4. Archery

So maybe the bottom half of the body doesn't get a huge workout with this sport, but the upper half definitely does! The arms and torso get toned, but this sport also increases mindfulness, patience, precision, and awareness, which are all transferable skills. There are a lot of archery locations and stations all over the place, so look into it if you're interested in a sport but perhaps are not athletically inclined or a fan of high-intensity games.

5. Pickleball

It sounds goofy but pickleball is a mix between tennis and badminton. Played on a standard court and a low net, a wiffleball is used so the game is slowed down a little, making it ideal for all ages (literally, seniors can play too!). You're still moving around and strengthening your arms, but it's not nearly as intense. Local community centers may have this sport running.

There are so many ways to be active aside from the regular popular sports out there, and new ones are being invented all the time. These unconventional sports may serve a niche market, but they could be just what you're looking for...or what you didn't know you needed. Go out and find an activity that will excite and motivate you.