6 Pool Games Your Kids Will Love

If you have a pool, you might as well make the most of it! Get the kids outdoors and into the pool where they can get some fresh air and exercise. And if they're looking for some new pool games to keep them entertained, here are a few great ones, and none of them involve holding your breath underwater the longest.

1. The Colour Game

This game is fun for all ages. You can play it length-wise or width-wise of the pool. To play, select one person to be It. If playing width-wise, they'll stand in the water, halfway across, in the center of the space while all the other players line up on one end, and if lengthwise, they'll stand on the pool's edge with everyone lined up below them. The It person will close their eyes and ask everyone to pick a colour but keep it quiet. Then they'll begin calling out colours. If they call out a colour that someone had selected, that person must try and swim to the other side without being touched by the It person. The It person must rely on their hearing to judge if someone is making an attempt to cross.

Tip: agree on a set of colours before playing otherwise you'll get people thinking of colours like "light blue" or "periwinkle" or "moss green" which could ruin the fun and start arguments.


2. Air Ball

This game is as it sounds. Get a beach ball and try and keep it up in the air as you pass between each other. If it hits water or the ground, you restart. It's similar to volleyball in that sense, but there aren't teams, so it's a group effort of as many players as you want. Count as you hit it and set goals. This is a great pool game for several reasons. One, it's easy. Two, you can have conversations while you play. Three, it's not too tiring. And four, the water allows you to be more risky with your dives and movements. 


3. Water telephone

We all know the party game of telephone. Water telephone has the same concept. Instead of passing a message down the line, everyone goes underwater and a speaker says a word or phrase out loud. Due to the water, it can be hard to understand, leading to some funny attempts at translation. This game could also be played traditionally in which the message is passed down the line but underwater two at a time.


4. Jumping contests

To play, select one person as a judge, making everyone else competitors. The judge will come up with themes and the players must jump into the water following the theme, and points are awarded to the winner. This is a great game because it forces both the judge and the jumpers to be creative and have fun. Some sample themes could be "biggest/smallest splash", "funniest jump", or "jump like a character". 


5. Woah

For this game, you need an inner tube. Get two or four players (depending on size) to sit on the tube with everyone's legs in the hole. Make sure the tube is in the center of the pool, and then begin to sway and rock so players can or get close to falling off. The goal is to eventually fall off and then scramble to climb back on first. Why is it called Woah? Because it's really fun to chant "Woaaaaaaaaah!" as you all teeter around. 

Warning: this game can lead to some injuries as limbs fly or if the tube moves too close to the edge of the pool. 


6. Invisibottle

Get a clear plastic water bottle and fill it with water. While everyone outside of the pool has their eyes closed, get one person to toss or place the bottle in the pool (if you toss it, give it a second to sink). Then get the rest of the people to jump in the pool and look for the bottle. The bottle will be near invisible, making the game a bit of a challenge. First one to find it and retrieve it wins. 


These games are great for kids, but they're honestly still fun for teens and young adults. Don't let wonderful sunny summer days pass without hitting the pool and trying these games out! When left to their own devices, kids can usually come up with their own games and amuse themselves, but having new ones to try can make the day extra special.