7 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids Into Martial Arts

There are a lot of sports out there that your child can participate in and will like, but one you may have overlooked is martial arts. It's more than just karate chopping and kicking, it's an art and a skill. A lot of kids love it, which is understandable because it's really unique and beneficial. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider martial arts for your child's extracurricular activity.

1. It gets kids up and active - As we all know, it's vital that kids get physical activity on a daily basis. Martial arts is one of many activities that will get kids moving. There are many different streams of martial arts, and all of them include levels of physical activity, and they're all fun.

2. They gain self-confidence - As kids progress and earn different coloured belts and advance to new levels, they'll also gain confidence and self-respect. Martial arts is a solo sport, so any progress is all on them, which can be great for their self-esteem.

3. Self-defense skills are always good to have - Aside for a week in grade 9 gym class, most people don't get much or any self-defense training. And while this isn't the overall point of martial arts, having that little bit of extra knowledge is always a good idea, because you never know when it could come in handy.

4. Martial arts improves the mind - A large part of martial arts is about connecting the mind and the body. This is a great skill to have in so many aspects of life. Being able to control oneself in this way can help with stress, mental health, and anger management, to name a few things. Having kids learn and develop this skill at a young age through something fun like martial arts is amazing.

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5. They can make friends - Extracurricular activities are a great way for kids to make new friends with similar interests. Since martial arts is open to kids of all ages and all genders, it's an ideal place to make those long-lasting bonds.

6. Kids learn life skills - Like with many sports, other life skills are also taught that can benefit children throughout their whole life. Some great skills taught during martial arts are discipline, respect, focus, and self-control.

7. Adults can do it too - Some martial arts schools offer classes for adults either at the same time or right before/after the kids class, so if you choose to participate too, you can bond with your child and also reap the benefits that this activity will provide.

Martial arts is an activity like no other and we are sure that your kid(s) will love it if they gave it a go. Look into the different streams of martial arts and decide which one piques the most interest and is the most realistic for your family. There are so many benefits to martial arts, but hopefully these 7 reasons we just mentioned were enough to convince you.