Why You Should Send Your Kids To Summer Camp

It's never too early to start planning for next summer: should you send your kid(s) to summer camp? It can be difficult decision to make, especially if you've never done it before, but we're here to tell you that the there are so many benefits to doing it, aside from the fact that your kids are out of your hair for a little bit, of course.

Obviously, the biggest benefit for your child(ren) is the social aspect. At summer camp, they meet so many new people and make new friends, often friendships that last even outside of camp. Kids are there to have fun and make memories, so the people they interact with become a part of that. And councilors do a good job getting everyone involved, so even quieter kids can thrive and make friends. For kids who are only children, camps can be especially valuable as they can be in close situations with other young people outside of a school setting.

Summer camps can also be productive. At camp, kids are playing and getting fresh air and learning and participating in events and being creative. What are they going to do at home instead? Watch TV? Play on their iPads? Don't let their summers waste away from in front of a screen. Camps give kids a sense of schedule and purpose, and they can do things that they can't do at home, like archery or canoeing.

Camps are a great place to learn. While there are general summer camps, there are also so many camps for specific interests. Cultivate that interest in your child(ren) by sending them to a camp where they can delve into their passions with like-minded people. Whether their interest is music or robotics or sports, there is a camp out there they'll love. 

Kids also learn more than physical skills at summer camps. They develop other personal skills like leadership, maturity, and communication, and these are all skills that will stay with them throughout their life. One of the most important skills a kid can learn at camp is independence because for the first time in their life, they're away from parents and making some of their own choices. Because summer camps are such thrilling and unusual experiences, kids adapt and grow with them.

It can be scary to send your child(ren) away even for a day camp, but camps are safe. Councillors and camp directors go through rigorous training, and there are many laws and rules in place to ensure safety for all. And if your child(ren) has allergies or other needs, that's not usually an issue, as camps are usually very accommodating and adaptable. 

There are day camps, overnight camps, week-long camps, and some other options as well, so you can decide to do whatever is best and most comfortable for your family. 

No one is asking you to ship off your kid off across the country for two full months, but the experience a kid can have at a summer camp is invaluable. Local camps or more remote camps or specialized camps, they all can and will open new doors for your child(ren), so if it's doable, we highly suggest it.