Why Physical Activity Is Important For Kids

Physical activity is important for everyone, not just kids, but it is kids specifically who perhaps need the encouragement to go outside and burn off some energy. In this day and age, video games and TV consumption often trump running around and sunlight. If your kid isn't getting enough physical activity, you may want to, as the parent, do something about that and make a lifestyle change, as the benefits of this are great.

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First of all, it's important physically. Getting exercise helps with the development of their bones and muscles, including the heart. Physical activity is about more than staying thin (though child obesity is a problem), it's about staying healthy, and allowing the body to be in the best shape it should be at any age. 

Added on to the physical aspect are other skills like hand-eye coordination, balance, and flexibility that are built through physical activity. You may not really think that reflexes are a skill that needs to consciously be built up, but they are, and it's a lot easier to have them develop through fun physical activity.

Then there are the mental benefits. Getting ample exercise can help reduce stress or symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost energy, and just make you feel happier in general. If kids can learn these benefits at a young age, it could really help them as they grow up and face life and become more conscious of their mental health.

Exercise can also help with focus and learning, as we've talked about before. Kids have a lot of energy and it's important that they have a safe and productive outlet for this. The 15-minute recesses they have at school are not enough. Kids should be getting an hour of physical exercise each day.

There's also a huge social aspect to physical activity. While some kids are content running around by themselves, it's a lot more fun and common to do it with friends. Whether the kids are just playing in the backyard or in an organized sports league, it's these fun activities that strengthen bonds between them and their peers and can also help quieter kids come out of their shells. In short, physical activity can boost self-esteem in kids.

Like anything in life, if kids have a solid understanding/awareness of something, it will likely continue on into their adult life. Kids who are active from a young age will likely stay active as they grow up, not just because they know it's good for them, but because they genuinely enjoy it. 

There's been a real push to get kids active, but it's all for a reason, and it's that even with things like Pokemon Go or Wii Fit, kids are not as active as they used to be because they're too attached to technology, media, and the stagnant life. It is very important that both parents and children understand that getting physical activity on a daily basis is so valuable for their wellbeing.