Our Interns

Hear first-hand what past students had to say about the Sportletics Internship:

Harry Choi.png

Harry choi

Position: Human Resources Manager

School: Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Major: Human Resources Management 

Minor: French

Quote: “The work I have done for Sportletics has been priceless to me as I can clearly see how I make an impact on the organization. The greatest feeling is to have a manager that trusts in your ability and lets you take control of your tasks and projects. It is with this support that I feel I have gained tangible and valuable experience over the traditional norms of being ‘just an intern'."

Justin Roh.jpg

Justin Roh

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

Program: Bachelor of Commerce

Quote: “Internships at Sportletics are an invaluable opportunity to gain relevant business acumen in a collaborative and supportive environment. Lavan and Maks, the company directors, have impressed me with their immense care and support towards the intern team. Through regular discussions, they identified meaningful, yet challenging tasks that were of interest to me. They lead by example and motivated the team to perform at their personal best. My experience with Sportletics was enriching on all facets; I’ve honed in on various soft and hard skills that will in no doubt elevate my personal and professional career in the near future.”

Shifa Siddiqui.png

shifa siddiqui

Position: Marketing Manager

School: University of Toronto (Mississauga)

Program: Digital Enterprise Management

Quote: “Working with Sportletics has taught me many valuable skills that I will surely carry on in the future. Time management, professionalism and attention to detail are few of the many skills I attained while working with them. I will forever be thankful of Sportletics for their flexible hours and constant feedback, which shaped me into the experienced individual I am today. Thank you Sportletics, for a great time!”





Robert Koen

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: Brock University

Program: Sport Management

Quote: “I like how we are all interconnected and it’s very easy to contact every department if you need help or anything like that. I’m enjoying the large
roles I get to partake in such as manage social media accounts and create training modules for new instructors. It’s a great learning experience overall!"

Joshua Braganza

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: Brock Univeristy

Program: Bachelor of Accounting Co-Op

Quote: “You put 100% work into this internship, you’ll get back 110% back from
the company. You will definitely learn a lot of skills that can be applied in your career."

Ulama saif

Position: Graphic Design & Marketing Manager

School: OCADU (Alumna) & George Brown College

Program: Certificate of Graphic Design

Quote: “Working at Sportletics has made me more confident about my work. I truly appreciate the support and feedback that I have received from the directors of Sportletics for each and every project I have worked on. I have no doubt that the experience and skills I have gained while working at Sportletics would be beneficial to my career." 

Megan Knight.jpg

Megan Knight

Position: Graphic Design & Marketing Manager

School: Queen’s University

Program: Queen’s Commerce

Quote: “As a first year intern, Sportletics gave me the opportunity to explore a
variety of aspects of marketing, while teaching me new skills along the way."

Hamim Mirza

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

Program: Bachelor of Commerce

Minor: Economics

Quote: “My experience with Sportletics has been helpful. I definitely like the
variety of projects that we are assigned and the most valuable experience I
gained was with the Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc."

Edwin Infante

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto

Program: Master of Business Administration

Major: Brand Management

Quote: “Great people and environment!”


Mesha Ghayur

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: University of Toronto (Missisauga)

Program: Digital Enterprise Management

Quote: “Interning at Sportletics has no doubt made me a better designer. From constant feedback, support and guidance to being trusted for big projects, I have appreciated every opportunity I got to learn and improve as a person and as a designer. People at Sportletics will guide you every step of the way; no matter how long it takes. I am confident that this experience will forever guide me through my future career."


Camille Berg

Position: Human Resources Manager Intern

School: Humber College

Program: Human Resources Management (Post-Grad)

Quote: “My internship with Sportletics allowed me to get hands on experience in my field of study. I had a wonderful boss who provided me with guidance and direction. The knowledge I have gained through my time at Sportletics will benefit me throughout my future career. I am extremely thankful to Sportletics for providing me with this invaluable learning experience”.


Victoria Donovan

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: University Of Toronto (Mississauga)

Program: Communications, Culture, Information & Technology and Professional Writing

Quote: "Through my work with Sportletics, I was able to contribute directly by doing a variety of tasks that enhanced my skills and my understanding of how important communications is for any business. I learned a lot and am really proud of the work I was able to do! I didn’t feel like ‘just an intern’ because I was trusted and given a lot of projects to work on. It was a good experience, and I am grateful."

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Yimeng Yang (Evelyn)

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: University of Toronto (Mississauga)

Program: Communication, Culture, Information & Technology

Quote: “I have gained so much trust from all three directors. They were always willing to help me and they gave me a lot of encouragement before and after I completed each task, which helped me in building up my confidence. Professionally, Sportletics provides various kinds of tasks for interns to learn and practice. I have been working not only on marketing, but also design, research and I even got an amazing opportunity to work directly with the clients. This is an absolutely great experience for me and I am so thankful that I was involved with the team from the beginning.”


Jarvis Mason

Position: Operations & Marketing Manager 

School: Humber College

Program: Sport Management

Quote: "My time working as an intern at Sportletics has been excellent. Working at Sportletics gives you first hand experience working for an up and coming organization, an opportunity not many people have. While working here, I have also gained plenty of knowledge about the local and community sport industry. Sportletics gives its interns plenty of autonomy and is very accommodating to everyone’s specific goals and needs. Being an intern at Sportletics has given me experience that I can apply to my future endeavours in the sport industry."


Kiana Wardell

Position: Marketing & Operations Manager

School: University Of Toronto (Mississauga)

Program: Communications, Culture, Information & Technology and Professional Writing

Quote: "My supervisors always made me feel like a part of the team and made sure that I was getting as much out of this experience as I could. The work schedule was incredibly flexible and I loved how they really let us work creatively. My Sportletics internship has given me confidence in my skills so that I can use them in future job experiences."


Anna Antul

Position: Graphic Design and Marketing Manager

School: Humber College

Program: Graphic Design

Quote: "Working with Sportletics has taught me a lot, it gave me confidence in my work. I'm thankful for all the feedback I got from management and co-interns, as well as for trust and time flexibility. Not only am I a designer, but I also like working for a cause and I feel like Sportletics allowed me to do both. I'm really glad to be a part of the team for this amazing company."