Our mission is two-fold: deliver the joy of physical activity to youth, and make a positive impact to the community.

We are committed to providing today’s busy families with the opportunity to experience the benefits of physical activity in a convenient and accessible manner. Our affordable fitness programs are offered during lunch/nutrition breaks or after classes at your student’s school. The school acts as a comfortable learning environment for students, and a convenient location for parents. Our programs serve as a vehicle to teach critical life skills such as mindfulness, focus, respect and resilience.

We have a culture focused on growth and giving back to the community. Our goal is to empower all students regardless of financial situation. As such, we offer complimentary programming for lower income neighbourhoods and families. Raised in a lower income neighbourhood, our founders witnessed the first-hand consequences of many of their peers not having access to enrichment programs. This further drives our mission to develop a sustainable model accessible to all families. We provide scholarships to local graduating secondary students who made positive contributions to the community. We strive to amplify our impact on the community by working with non-profit organizations and local community groups.