Refer a Parent

 Refer a parent

The success of our enrolment at many of our schools has been due to the amazing praise from satisfied parents. As a result, when new parents sign up their child due to a referral, we want to say thanks by offering one (1) complimentary month of our program to both referrer and referee.

Refer a School

Refer a school

Not only have we been able to offer our program to more students at your son's/daughter's school but we’ve also gotten a number of inquiries from other schools asking about our program due to the kindness of our current parents.  
We wanted to say thanks to the parents who have helped us reach more students in the GTA. If you know of a school or parent in another school who might be interested in our program, please fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch to say thanks in a big way that we know you’ll be happy with! 

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