Self Defense


Life’s unpredictable. The Sportletics Self-Defense program helps students prepare for unexpected situations in a fun, supportive and respectful environment. Our expert instructors will teach students how to recognize and deal with threatening situations, and learn simple, but powerful self-defence skills. Students will develop a stronger sense of safety, confidence and a healthier self image.  



Looking to get in shape and have fun while doing it? The Sportletics Kickboxing program allows students to enjoy a rigorous, full-body workout, while learning crucial fighting skills. Students will master punching combinations, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes and many other effective striking techniques. Our Kickboxing program helps relieve stress, improve muscular endurance and coordination, while toning the whole body.        

Mixed Martial Arts


Stressed from school? Want to learn a new skill? The Sportletics MMA program is a perfect fit! Our expert instructors will teach students to stay safe on their backs, apply effective ground & pound techniques and takedowns. Students will learn new skills every class and develop a broad range of martial arts knowledge. Our Mixed Martial Arts program improves self-confidence, discipline, and relieves stress.



Want to improve your flexibility, reduce stress and eliminate distractions? Our yoga instructors will introduce students to 40+ fundamental yoga poses. Our yoga program enhances self-confidence and self-discipline, reduce stress, and allows students to feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group

Women's Self Defense


The Sportletics Women’s Self-Defense program will allow students to develop their ability to recognize and handle threatening situations, and learn simple, but powerful self-defense skills. This program is designed to empower young women physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The Women’s Self-Defense program improves self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, balance, coordination and more.



Sportletics’ BootFit program is a circuit-based high intensity workout designed to improve students’ fitness levels in a fun, supportive environment. Our instructors will motivate students to perform at their personal best through a series of exercises including crunches, mountain climbers, push ups, and a variety of presses. Our Bootfit program burns calories, improves concentration and resiliency.